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Welcome to the Official Site of The Y in Central Maryland Turkey Trot Charity 5K! We are excited to have you join us for this Thanksgiving morning tradition.

Adults, children and families from across the region come together to not only run (or walk, jog, stroll), but to raise funds so that children living in poverty in Central Maryland have access to Y programs that will forever shape their lives.

Thank you for being part of something good on Thanksgiving Morning!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Join The Trot Team

The Trot Team is NEW for 2015 and is our team of online super heroes. Trot Team members post messages about the Turkey Trot on Facebook, Twitter and instagram to earn points to win prizes! It is an easy and exciting way to help spread the word and show people how much you love the Y Turkey Trot Charity 5K.

Every couple of weeks you will receive an email with ways to earn points. Points can be earned by posting a picture on instagram with #yturkeytrot or other messages.

Find out what cool prizes you could win and how to get started at yofcentralmaryland.socialtoaster.com

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