Touch Free Wellness / Cryo Maryland is Located at 7 Allegheny Ave just a couple blocks from the Towson YMCA resting on the Towson Circle.  We have 8-9 recovery treatments and none more profound than Cryotherapy.

We have a new weekly recovery membership which only requires 10 minutes of your time and will allow you to feel amazing, fully refreshed or s may say 'feel 10 years younger!'

read about our offer and come in before the 30th of this month for a 1/2 price crotherapy using code 'turkeytrot' at checkout of single cryotherapy session.

Go to to get the 1/2 price cryo-treatment or read about our new membership which will be full come November 30th. for weekly $25 full-body cryotherapy treatments!



1/2 price full-body Cryotherapy for recovery and running faster!

Cryo Maryland / Touch Free Wellness is located right on the Towson Circle directly down the street less than a mile from YMCA in Towson.  

We understand running takes a toll on your body and unfortunately there comes a time when you have to hang up the shoes and retire. Our runners that do full-body cryotherapy for recovery simply enjoy running more and they are, believe it or not, able to improve their pace and they minimize injuries and sore muscles. 

We have a new membership where you come in for only 10 minutes once a week and enjoy a refreshhing sub-zero dry cold air treatment which takes all pain and fatigue out of your body and makes you feel 10 years younger.  All it takes is one cryo treatment to become a believer. Start with one session and let us know if you want $25 treatments.

Right now until November 30th you can try one full body cryotherapy treatment for 50% off the $69 single session rate. Just go to and use code 'turkeytrot' at checkout and you will receive your first cryo for $34.50.

We have a new membership/new affordable chamber coming December 10th which will not be available for the $25/session price anymore after November 30th, for all members will be accounted for.  Information about this is on the website or you can go to to go directly to the page.  We will max out at 250 cryo memberships by Nov 30th.(about 30% availability remaining now on Nov 12).  Our original chamber will still be available for $69 cryo sessions.

We will have a recovery tent at the race under the name Recovery Zone MD and Touch Free Wellness / Cryo Maryland. Please come visit us to learn more.


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